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Portland 2017

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Tucson April 2016
Tucson April 2016

Join our team and help Beckett and others like him!

Last weekend Beckett turned 7 years old and he lost 2 teeth.  He was joined by classmates and friends to celebrate his birthday with games and cupcakes.

Beckett lives a very normal life.  He knows CF is a part of who he is, but it is just one small part.  Each day he does 2-3 treatments that include an inhaler, nebulizer and his vest.  He takes enzymes each time he eats, around 25 pills a day to keep him healthy.  We are grateful he has not been hospitalized yet and try very hard to keep him from getting colds and flu.

Most days he is a smiling and happy boy who enjoys school, reading, math, pottery, basketball and legos.  

We don't want Beckett to have to worry about life with CF.  We want him to have a long life.  Please help us by joining our team to raise money for important research to find a cure for cystic fibrosis.  This really is a disease that is close to finding a cure.


Sean, Alli and Beckett

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