Great Strides, Great Stories

Great Strides harnesses the power of people with a shared vision and encourages collaboration, team building, and leadership, as we pursue a cure. In this section, we’ll feature a special person or team who played an integral role in Great Strides and within their local CF community. We hope you find these stories to be inspiring as we continue to take steps towards the finish line.

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A Radio PSA leads to a Pipeline of Generosity

Since becoming involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Valvoline Instant Oil Change has raised more than $65,000 in Cincinnati and $85,000 across the region in just four years – with plans to break that number this year in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Great Strides.

How did this corporation become involved? One compassionate employee, Michael Raines, a Cincinnati Market Manager at Valvoline and his team, were inspired to make a difference after hearing an employee describe his experience of tuning into the radio and hearing an interview of someone with cystic fibrosis.


“We were deciding what cause we wanted to support and after hearing such a moving story, we all agreed that it was a cause we wanted to get behind.”

Valvoline began fundraising with a storefront pin-up campaign, and after learning about their local Great Strides walk, decided to expand their corporate engagement to the Great Strides team level – which has now grown to over 300 team members in 31 locations across the Ohio Valley region. “It wasn’t difficult to motivate the team to support this cause. They are good-hearted people who work hard every day to provide the best for their families,” he said. “They bring this same sentiment to Great Strides.”


Encouraging competition among other Valvoline markets, providing employee incentives such as lunches and gatherings, and inviting guest speakers who are affected by CF to speak to staff have been integral to the company’s fundraising expansion. “Bringing in guest speakers is an incredibly powerful experience. It’s tough to hear about what a person with CF goes through on a day-to-day basis,” he said. “They have such a great outlook on life and are so willing to tell their story – it really gives you a different perspective on life.”

Valvoline’s involvement with the Foundation has brought a deeper meaning to teamwork for their staff and has fostered a spirit of compassion in a corporate setting. “When you have a company that cares about putting time, money, and effort into a good cause, it gives people a sense of pride for where they choose to work and evolve in their career,” he said. “For us, making a long-term difference for those with CF and finding a cure is the ultimate goal.”

Getting involved at the corporate level is customizable and easy, no matter the size of your organization. Ask your company about how you can have the opportunity to include your coworkers in your fundraising efforts and take your Great Strides team to the next level.


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